PvPZone Event
August 09, 2021

The PvPZone event is active giving reward Tickets and Event Coins

To participate, just type .pvpEvent or go to Primavel Isle pvp! 

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Update on August 13th
Lineage Greetings! New arrival in the area! August 13th Update - Added Special Ability [PvP] In Weapon/Armor Items to NPC (GMShop) in Giran City. - By making the evolutio...
09 August, 2021
Event Turbo!
Lineagers Greetings NEWS! And this weekend there is an event here at L2PvPToP! 💥 This Saturday and Sunday, the 7th and 8th of August, we will have the event for beginners an...
07 August, 2021
Server Online!
The server is already a success! Download now and connect with over 500 players simultaneously!
31 July, 2021

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